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BajaModern is now offering clients a cost effective design solution for those who desire an architect designed contemporary home.

Our homes are cutting edge in style, environmentally sensitive, and practical in layout. Careful consideration has been given to every detail from the functionality of the kitchens and baths to the drama and grandeur of the living areas. Exterior details such as rainwater collection and storage systems, solar photovoltaic systems, and adequate equipments space are also carefully integrated into each design. We understand the unique environmental conditions of southern Baja, from its mild spring and winter to the intense heat of summer followed by heavy rain and hurricanes in the fall. All of our designs respond to and respect these diverse conditions.

Our stock, semi custom and custom plan sets include all the drawings necessary to clearly describe the complete interior and exterior of the structure. A purchaser may use the stock plans to prepare construction drawings with their own registered Mexican engineer or you may purchase construction plans for the chosen design already completed by BajaModern and our affiliated engineers.

The following drawings are included in our stock plan sets:

  • FLOOR PLANS, show the placement of interior walls and the dimensions for rooms, doors, windows, stairways, etc. of each level of the house.
  • ELECTRICAL/LIGHTING PLANS, show the suggested locations for switches, fixtures and outlets.
  • ROOF PLAN, provide the layout of all roof levels, dormers, gables and other elements including clerestory windows and skylights.
  • EXTERIOR ELEVATIONS, show the front, rear and sides of the house, including exterior materials, details and measurements.
  • CROSS SECTIONS, show details of the house as though it were cut in slices from the roof to the foundation. The cross sections detail the construction of the home.

architectural plans

STOCK PLANS, Stock plans are can be selected from our expanding portfolio. These plan sets range from modest one bedroom casitas to elaborate 6 or more bedroom estates. Plans are available reversed, right reading for a small additional cost.

SEMICUSTOM PLANS, Semi custom plans are provided for our clients when they have unique site conditions or desire to have modifications made to our stock plans.

CUSTOM PLANS, Custom plans are completely unique. The client will work directly with a staff architect to custom design a unique and individual home for their site. Custom plans are never resold. They are one of a kind.

CONSTRUCTION PLANS, Construction plans are available for any of our plan packages. They are fully engineered, meet all applicable building codes and are permit ready with the exception of a site plan for your specific parcel. We can assist you with this service. Construction plans are prepared in Spanish; metric dimensioned and can be used for permits, bidding and construction. Construction plans are prepared by our licensed Mexican engineering professionals to IBC, International Building Code, standards.

COSTS, we have established a tiered system based upon the total square footage (SF) of covered space. Detached garages, Guest Houses or Guest House/Garage combinations also follow the schedule below.

Purchase Plans:
Up to 750 SF: $499.00 | PDF via email
$799.00 | PDF and AutoCAD file via email
751 SF to 1500 SF: $749.00 | PDF via email
$1049.00 | PDF and AutoCAD file via email
1501 SF to 3000 SF: $999.00 | PDF via email
$1299.00 | PDF and AutoCAD file via email
3001 SF to 4500 SF: $1249.00 | PDF via email
$1549.00 | PDF and AutoCAD file via email
Reversed Plan: $249.00 plus original plan cost
Semi Custom: $3.00 per SF of total covered area modified
Construction Plans: $3.00 per SF of total covered area