cutting edge technology

The many homes that BajaModern is developing utilize cutting edge structural technology for construction. We build our homes with a unique system of prefabricated structural panels known as Tridipanel. This extremely strong structural product consists of a super-insulated core of rigid expanded polystyrene sandwiched between two-engineered sheets of eleven-gauge steel welded wire fabric mesh. To complete the panel form process a nine-gauge galvanized steel truss wire is pierced completely through the polystyrene core at off set angles for superior strength and welded to each of the outer layer sheets of eleven-gauge steel welded wire fabric mesh. Once these three elements are joined by state of the art manufacturing equipment, you end up with a three dimensional lightweight panel that due to their characteristics makes them one of the strongest building materials you can find. Upon completion the Tridipanel system far exceeds the strength of conventional construction with the added advantage of maximum environmental comfort. A typical concrete block (CMU) structure simply cannot compare to the comfort level available with the outstanding energy savings created by using the Tridipanel System.

If safety is your primary concern, nothing currently wins over the long-lasting construction techniques used in storm and hurricane proof Tridipanel homes. Due to the panels unique construction the completed structure is able to withstand high velocity gusts and extended mass bearing loads subjected to homes during hurricane force winds and heavy rains. In Laboratory testing, the Tridipanel has been tested and will withstand wind loads of 226 miles per hour. A structure built with Tridipanel is virtually fire resistant Tridipanel is non-combustible and has a minimum 1.5-hour fire rating. An additional important feature of Tridipanel is its moisture and termite resistance. The polystyrene core is water-resistant and is an inert, organic material. Polystyrene provides no nutritive value to plants, animals, or microorganisms. The polystyrene will not rot and is highly resistant to mildew. Aging has no effect upon the performance of the polystyrene and it is able to withstand the abuse of temperature cycling 180° assuring long term performance.

Here is a list of attractive benefits of the Tridipanel System: